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Summer Art Exchange, Part 1

Hey there, cats and kittens!

First off, apologies for the lateness of this post. It's been crazy over here in modland. Sorry!

Second, a round of applause to everyone who participated. Seriously, every submission I received truly impressed me. Incredible work from everyone. Yay everyone!

Now, on to the art! In this post, we have the safe for work pieces; once it's up, I'll post the NSFW stuff.

Our layout is not kind to art, so I've posted thumbnails. Please click on the pictures to see them at full size - it's worth it!

Artist: axolotl_lan
Recipient: poisonivory
Prompt: Ted taking care of Booster/ Ted and Booster annoy Jaime and/or traumatize him with makeouts.

"Why am I carrying him?"

Artist: insomniac_draws
Recipient: bwhahahabeck
Prompt: Dan/Ted, cute teacher crush is go.

Artist: dorcas_gustine
Recipient: idiosyn
Prompt: Ted and Booster on a couch. Sprawled out, cuddling, just hanging out, fighting over the remote- artist's choice.

Artist: pollums
Recipient: axolotl_lan
Prompt: (any combination of)Skeets/ L-Ron/ Khaji Da/booster/beetle 'Roboostle'

Tags: summer 2010

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