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Summer Art Exchange, Part 2

Now for the NSFW stuff! This is porn of varying degrees, folks. Use discretion.

Again, our layout is not kind to art, so I've posted thumbnails. Please click on the pictures to see them at full size - it's worth it!

Artist: kaeferlein
Recipient: dorcas_gustine
Prompt: Porny Ted/Booster with Ted on top.

Artist: idiosyn
Recipient: pollums
Prompt: Booster/Ted in suits, porn.

Work Week

Artist: bwhahahabeck
Recipient: kaeferlein
Prompt: Booster/Ted, Justice Riders, crossdressing; grifter!Booster has a scheme involving the Beetle out of that crazy head gear and into a saloon dress.

Artist: poisonivory
Recipient: insomniac_draws
Prompt: Booster and Ted being domestic. Cooking together, watching TV, whatever/ Booster/Ted, frot or handjobs.

Tags: summer 2010

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